Assessment of Online Presence

Online presence is a very good think that everyone should be cognitive of no matter their situation. There are many ways to assess your online presence, I am going to take you through one of them. This particular one can copied and used for your own but also can changed and adapted to your own life. Here is the template: Online Presence Assessment

As you can see there are 3 columns; the name of the element, a check box, and a notes column. The first two columns are the element you are assessing and if you have that element, if yes check the box if not leave it blank. Lastly, the notes box is to make notes on what is good, what to improve and any other notes you want to make about that element. Almost everyone I know has one of the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Facebook is used to connect with people as well as share pictures, thoughts and reminding you when your friends birthdays are. I mean lets be honest you wouldn’t remember you friend from third grades birthday without Facebook right? The only downside is that you have to be friends with that person to see their thoughts and pictures which go on a ‘wall’. My Facebook Wall can be used an example. Now to talk about Twitter, this network is used to express thoughts, opinions, dreams basically anything but in only 140 characters or less. Facebook on the other hand does not have that restriction. On Twitter you dont have to be accepted as a friend to see their posts, which i will refer to as tweets, you can just follow them. The only restriction is a 2,000 follower limit. Every athlete, celebrity, and most organizations have a Twitter. Most of them use it to promote themselves or sometimes to give deals to customers. This is a example of a good twitter this is the Twitter page for the company that runs Twitter. Lastly is Instagram, Instagram is a photo-sharing site where you can follow artists, aspiring or professional, as well as your friends who may have the need to show you what they had for every meal of the day. Instagram also allows you to follow famous people too just like twitter. Along with pictures you can also caption and location tag your photos. Instagram also has a great feature which allows you to instantly share any photo you put onto Instagram with any other social networking site. Snapchat is as much a social network as it is a way of communicating with people. The premise of snapchat is to send pictures with captions or messages that can self destruct and be erased permanently, unless they are screenshotted. This is mainly used to send funny pictures that are drawn on or have funny captions to friends. If you dont believe me google “Funny snapchat drawings” and see for yourself.  There is also a cool feature called “My Story” which allows you to post these pictures and drawings and send them to all your friends. Now there are many upsides and downsides to each network but one feature is the same and I think has a great effect on how you handle yourself on each social network. This is called your privacy settings. Here is a great site with some great tips to keep your privacy low and you out of the public eye. Some things to make sure of whenever you post a status or tweet are: 1. What do you have your privacy settings set to? Do you want the whole world to this or just your friends maybe only a close set of friends? 2. Do you want your possible future employer seeing this? 3. Do you have any pictures on there that you don’t want to see or dont want anyone to see? Make sure to check the photos you are tagged in to! 4. What would you’r mother say if or when she saw this post? Now take that assessment and see for yourself what you can improve on so you can better improve your online presence. If you feel like you need more help you can always google for more help or leave a comment below. Here is my self assessment of online presence: My Online Presence

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