A Way to Recognize the FCS Playoff Champion

This has been a great year for FCS College Football teams, they have beaten some FBS, or D1 colleges, such as Portland State destroying North Texas and James Madison beating Tulsa. A Jacksonville State team took then top-10 Auburn to overtime in Auburn, these schools are not your typically push-overs. This week College Gameday chose to go to James Madison University a FCS team, the same one that beat Tulsa. While you can say that those top level FCS teams beat lower level FBS teams and that Auburn wasn’t really up for that game or just aren’t as good as they were last year. FCS teams are on the rise talent-wise and are starting to be able to compete with their big brother FBS teams. North Dakota State is a great example of this, they have one of the best QB prospects in the nation is Carson Wentz as well as a high power offense that lead them to four straight FCS Championship’s. What makes the FCS and FBS really different is how their postseason works. In the FBS we all remember the flawed BCS Bowl system and now they are currently transitioning to a true playoff system, even while flawed with only 4 teams still its better than the BCS. On the other hand FCS has a true playoff system they have a seeded 16 team playoff. Most people think that this is what FBS should go to, but I think the more games for the playoff that they add the less of a regular season or break they give for the students. But that is for a different time, right now I will outline my way of giving the FCS the credit they deserve.

As stated earlier FCS teams have been able to handle some FBS schools even a elite one in Auburn. I think that this isn’t just a fluke from some teams, and neither does ESPN they chose the James Madison game against Richmond as the game of the week. Although there really isn’t any other huge FBS game it is impressive that ESPN chose to go to a FCS school instead of a not as great FBS game for their show. Now I am mentioning this because I think that to make the playoff even more fun or watchable I think that the FBS winner should play the FCS winner.

How this could be done is a week after the CFP (College Football Playoff for FBS) and FCS playoff the top two teams would play at a neutral site. This would make for a great experience for these FCS teams that don’t play at huge locations like FBS teams do. This could be a great game because it will be between the best two teams in the nation. Also this would give some national attention to the FCS players and maybe gives them a better chance of getting to the NFL.There will be some people that will say “Thats a lot of games for these athletes,” yes this is a lot of games that is why the bowl season should be shortened by just a week so that it is the same amount of time but just one more game.

This would be a great experience for FCS teams since they would get some national attention and recognition for their season and playoff accomplishments. Also this could be a great way for these teams and players to have the opportunity to go to the next level in football. Lastly, this could be a great game between some competition that doesn’t get enough recognition for what they can do. I would love to see this actually happen but I don’t see it happening with so many people thinking that these teams shouldn’t play because of lower levels FCS teams just being punching bags to big FBS schools.

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