Why Steph Curry isn’t the best player in the world and a short NBA Christmas preview

Steph Curry is one of the most famous and electric basketball players currently in the NBA. Curry is the future of the NBA because basketball is going away from contact and low post and becoming increasingly soft and about good guard play. Curry is one of the foremost leaders of the guard transformation in the NBA, but he is not the best player in the world. Yes Curry is good, he can shot the lights out of the building, he can break anyones ankles, and is one of the best passers in the game today. That being said he still has some flaws in his game, in the current NBA you have to be super athletic and be able to play “above the rim”. The means being able to jump higher than anyone else in the game, Curry does not have that athleticism. Yes he is athletic, you have to be to play in the NBA, but Curry does not dunk he is slightly faster than average but he does not have elite speed. Curry also does have incredible stopping ability, meaning he can stop on a dime or change directions quickly. Curry also does not have the stopping ability on defense that other players in the NBA have. Don’t get me wrong he is a good defender but he is not elite like Mike Conley of the Grizzlies. Basically what it gets down to is who would you rather have at the end of the game guarding the other teams best playmaker? Which guy would be best between Curry, Lebron, Davis, or Durant? I would not trust Curry guarding anyone that isn’t a guard, Lebron can guard literally anyone and is regarded as the best in the game. Anthony Davis from the Pelicans is the premiere shot blocker in the NBA currently and with his ability to cover guards and be 6’10 means he can contest every shot and block the view of the rim for about anyone. Durant is a lot like Davis but he is not as refined defensively, he can still hang with the guards but is not as much of a shot blocker. In my opinion Lebron gets the nod because he has the most experience of covering people and has the basketball IQ to know what people plan to do at every given moment. In a few years maybe even next year Davis will take over that NBA defensive stopper spot. Lastly, the biggest reason, at least personally, that Curry isn’t the best is that he isn’t the focal point of his team. Let me explain, Curry is the biggest name on his team and people are forced to put their best guard on him and try to worry about him popping threes from anywhere. What that means is that the other guys on his team (Klay Thompson, Iggy, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, and more) get open looks. Yes this is a super team full of offensive firepower and good defensive players, Curry is just the most famous. Even on that team I would put Andre Iguodala on the other teams playmaker on the final play. Curry is not even the most explosive player at his own position, that would belong to Russell Westbrook he can turn his team around by just providing energy to his team. Yes Curry is very exciting but he isn’t the best all around player in the world, he is the most refined and explosive offensive player today. If Curry turns into a elite defender and explosive playmaker outside of the three point shot he can be the best player in the world, but currently he is not the best in the world.

Christmas Preview:


Anthony Davis leads the Pelicans as they take on D-Wade and the Heat. Davis will try to carry his team to a win and hopefully help turn the season around for them as they expected to be a playoff contender and are currently the third worst team in the NBA. The Heat look to build chemistry and get a marquee game win.


The Bulls led by Jimmy Butler take on Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder. The Bulls are trying to turn their offense around and get Derrick Rose going this season, as he has not gotten off to a great start. The Thunder are looking for big games out of their big 3 of Westbrook, Durant and Ibaka and take down the lowly Bulls.


A finals rematch from last year but this time the Cavs are fully healthy. This is the matchup that was envisioned last year as the playoffs began, but with the slew of bad injury luck the Cavs couldn’t stay healthy and lost in the Finals. Now they look for revenge as they have a healthy team and try to expose the weaknesses of the Warriors. The Warriors are trying to restart a win streak and continue this good season.


A highly sought matchup before the season looks like a snooze-fest now. The Spurs are looking to continue their win streak as well as get more chemistry against a Rockets team that is looking like they are not a title contender this year. The Rockets have a bunch of disfunction and turmoil this year as some of their stars are on the trade block. This will be the boring game of the day.


The second in-state game of the day showcases one of the best players ever in his last Christmas day game of his playing career. The Clippers are looking to add momentum to their season and start becoming a contender. The Lakers are looking to Kobe as he tries to make his last christmas day game a special one.

Lastly, the jerseys they are new every year. This year they look awesome, the font is super cool and the stripe down the side makes it look more christmas-y. I absolutely love these this year and I think they should continue to use that font next year.

Also look forward to my next podcast Sunday the 27th, I will cover the Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman fight, the bad refereeing in the NFL, the NBA Hall of Fame and the Pro Bowl rosters.

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