NFL Playoff Preview

The NFL regular season is officially over and that means it’s playoff time! Don’t know who is playing or who should win? Ryno Sports talk has you covered read below:

Byes: Denver, New England, Carolina, and Arizona.

Chiefs v Texans

This is the snoozer of the AFC wild card round as the Chiefs come into this game having won 10 straight, while the Texans barely got into the playoffs as a division winner. The Chiefs are the surprise team of the playoffs after starting 1-5 before going on the winning streak mentioned. The Chiefs have stayed hot for the past two and a half months behind the ability to not turn the ball over and play elite defense. The Texans have won the division while going the whole year having a Quarterback problem, the Texans have gone through 4 different QB’s this year alone. On the defensive side of the ball the Texans have been able to get good performance from their front seven in the last weeks of the season. One of the bright spots on this team is DeAndre Hopkins, who is having a great breakout year. The Chiefs will win this game and extend their streak to 11 because of their ability to put different elite corners on Hopkins. Alex Smith will also control the ball and not turn it over this game, and the Chiefs will have a huge offensive day. Chiefs by at least 2 touchdowns.

Steelers v Bengals

The Steelers are one of the best offensive teams in the NFL currently with multiple threats to score. The Bengals have had a little bit of a slide of late, especially after losing Andy Dalton before the game against the Broncos. The question for this game is will Dalton be back to play, and if so how healthy will he be? If Dalton plays, this game will be closer than expected but if not and AJ McCarron starts the Steelers win by 20. I still think that the Steelers win this game by a lot because of their explosive offense and ability to play good defense. Steelers by at least 10 points.

Seahawks v Vikings

The Seahawks are one of the hottest teams coming into the playoffs overall and will play another opponent from this year. In the previous matchup the Hawks won 38-7, that game was in Seattle while this game will be played in Minnesota. Minnesota carries the leading rusher in the league as well as a solid defense. Seattle, like recent years, has come on late and become a threat to every team. Seattle is lead by Wilson who has had a great year both rushing and passing the ball, it does help that the team has not lost a step while Marshawn Lynch was out of the lineup. The Legion of Boom matches up very well with these Vikings receivers and should not get burned very often. I think that if Minnesota keeps to short and intermediate quick hitting routes the can stay in this game for a while. Seattle should still win this game by at least 5 points.

Packers v Washington

The Packers are suffering from having a down year as they did not win the division and won some games late, see Lions December 3. The Washington Professional Football Team (WPFT) has a little bit better of a offense and the defense has more talent than the Packers do. The WPFT have the most accurate passer in the league and should be able to throw for a lot of yards on the Packers. Green Bay, if they can get Lacy or Starks going, has the ability to have a explosive offense but it hasn’t shown up in a long time. The WPFT will win this game easily and carry that momentum into next week as they vie for a chance to go to the NFC Championship. Washington by 10.

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