The Sheriffs Last Ride

In all the movies you see the Sherriff after winning a battle saddle up and ride his horse down a path to who knows where toward the sunset. When Peyton Manning, nicknamed the sherriff, rides off into the sunset we know exactly where that path leads, Canton, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Manning officially retired today in a announcement, this coming after leading the Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 win. Manning has been to four super bowls but has only won two of them, one with the Colts and the other the Broncos. Manning has a career record of 14-13 in the playoffs, Manning has 7,339 yards in the postseason as well as 40 touchdowns. Manning holds many postseason records including biggest comeback in conference championship history of 18 points. He also is one of two QB’s to have a completed over 80 percent of his passes in two playoff games. Manning all holds the dubious records of most postseason losses by a quarterback, 13, and most first-round postseason losses by a QB with 9.

In his rookie year after being selected number 1 overall in the 1998 draft, Manning went on to set a multitude of records including most touchdown passes thrown with 26, most games with 300+ yards passing with 4, and most interceptions thrown with 28. Manning did not have a great rookie season by any means but made strides year after year to become the best regular season QB of all time.

Some of the accolades Manning had were being a Super Bowl MVP in his first Super Bowl win as a colt. Manning, who spent his whole career in the AFC, has won four AFC Championships as well as being a five time MVP. Manning has been acknowledged by his peers and fans to a tune of 14 Pro Bowls, 7 First-team All-Pro selections, 3 Second-team All-Pro, 2 time NFL Offensive Player of the Year and 2012 comeback player of the year. Manning also lead the league in touchdown passes 4 times, as well as passing yards 3 times.

Manning is the all-time leader for the Colts in wins, passing touchdowns, pass attempts, completions and yards. Manning is also the NFL leader in career touchdown passes and yards with 539 and 71,940 respectively. Manning also has attempted 9,380 passes while completing 6,125 for a completion percentage of 65.3% and a passer ratings of 96.5 (out of 158.3).

The most well known rivalry with Manning was the rivalry between him and Tom Brady. They have meet each other 17 times with Brady leading the series 11-6. This rivalry has been renewed in every season since the 2003-2004 season, with the QB’s meeting in the playoffs 5 times. Three with Manning as a Colt and two as a Bronco. Brady won the first 2 meetings and Manning the last 3.

Although Manning holds most of the records for regular season dominance as a QB he will be remembered as a choke artist in the playoffs. Even though he has a lot of records he has never been given a supporting cast like the on he had this year as a Bronco. As a Colt Manning only had 2 teams with a top ten yards allowed defense rating. Manning has had 3 in his 4 years as a Bronco.

Manning will have a lasting legacy in the NFL as one of the best QB’s in regular season history as well as a innovator of the position of QB. Manning was one of the brightest QB’s of the generation as he was known for being able to look at a defense, and pick it apart as well as, place the ball anywhere he wants. Manning also knows exactly what play the defense is running. He was also known for his audible calls such as “Omaha” and other calls to change the play or just to mess with the defense.

In the NFL Peyton Manning is succeed in the NFL by his brother Eli Manning of the New York Giants. As the way of the pocket passing QB goes one of the best is going out at a perfect time. Manning also leaves a collection of records in the league for others to try to break, there are few other QB’s with Manning’s skill set and ability that it is like a dying breed.

Thank you for being such a innovative quarterback and great performer in your time in the league. Even though many people are trying to ruin his reputation with allegations of steroid use and sexual assault. Manning’s legacy will stay the same and he will still go down as one of the best QB’s of all time. The one thing that Manning will always have that will stand the test of time, is that has the biggest forehead of all time.

Here’s to seeing Manning immortalized in Canton in five years, his last official ride.

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