Who to trust in NBA Fantasy

This is a article by one of my twitter followers that wanted to be showcased on this page. Check out his twitter here: https://twitter.com/KingdomNBA


This article is going to detail the top five players that are needed to finish your fantasy NBA season strong. All these players will be under 70% owned in Yahoo Standard Leagues, and will be a guide to help you. Do not underestimate the potential success these late season pick up can make for your team!



#5-  Ray McCallum

McCallum is by far my most intriguing guy on the list. He is 2% owned in Yahoo standard leagues. Ray currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs on a 10-day contract. The expectations around the league are that he will finish the contract and then agree to sign with the Grizzles for the remainder of the season.  If signed he should jump into the starting role with the Grizzles. The Grizzles have already lost Conley for up to a month and Chalmers for the year. McCallum could prove to put up 15 PPG and 8 APG while grabbing some boards and snagging steals. He is potentially a huge boost to a team, but potentially a huge let down. Your choice.


#4-   Lance Stephenson

Coming off of a 33-point game and being put in more of a role in the offense, Lance is going to finish the season strong. Owned in only 30% of leagues, he has averaged 16 points and 5 rebounds over his past 5 games. He also being a Grizzle just as McCallum might be and will be given the opportunity to shine. Give him an add and hope he shines through the rest of the season.


#3-   Mirza Teletovic

Low risk, low reward is Mirza. Teletovic is owned in just 44% of leagues. He shoots 3’s will get you rebounds and will not turn the ball over. He lack defensive stats that is a killer, but I personally love him. He’s in Phoenix without Bledsoe, which leaves a lot of scoring for everyone else. Mirza over his last 15 has put up averages of 15.4 points, 4 rebounds, and a whooping 3 3’s. Like previously stated, he will provide championship level 3’s if that’s all you need add him for the home stretch.


#2-   Nikola Jokic

These last two are quite a bit higher owned, but if their available snag them NOW.  Jokic has provided fantasy owned an average of a double double over his past 4 games. It took him most of the season to get on track, but Nikola who is owned in only 61% of leagues is about to take off.  17 PPG ,11 RPG, 4 ASTS, and 1.5 BPG is good enough to turn heads and make it as one my final guys to add to your championship team.






#1-  Devin Booker

Call me crazy, but I love Devin Booker. He has been one of three plays to be under 20 and have multiple 30-point games for starters.  Owned in 61% of leagues, Booker has destroyed over his last 5 putting up games of 32, 27, 34, and 35. Over that span he’s averaging 28 points, 2 3’s, and 5 assists. I only see more and more potential as Booker’s game develops at the NBA level. Pick him up and you will surely prosper in your fantasy league.


These five players are some that I personally have picked up or plan to and I hope will make you consider them as your fantasy prospect late in the season.

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