Why the Spurs beat the Warriors

This is another piece by my twitter follower NBA Fantasy King (https://twitter.com/KingdomNBA) this will continue every week early in the week and will have his twitter account linked at the top enjoy. 


On Saturday March 19th the San Antonio Spurs hosted the Golden State Warriors. This low-scoring affair was won by the Spurs 87-79. The leagues top two teams battled it out to what could be a Western Conference Finals preview. In this article you will find three statistical reasons as to why the Spurs can overpower this historical Warriors team.


Reason #1- The Spurs outrebounded the Warriors by 16 and more importantly doubled their offensive rebounds. Having won this huge aspect of the game is just the start to what the Spurs did correctly on Saturday.


Reason #2- Curry had only 14 points. The last time Curry was held to 14 or less and the Warriors did not win by over 20 was over two and a half months ago. This was the Spurs outstanding, swarming defense. He shot 4-18 and the Warriors were 9-36 from three-point land in general.  Holding the MVP to 14 is another huge reason the Spurs won and why they could continue to beat the Warriors.


Reason #3- The Spurs were 15-18 from the free throw line. They got to the line and they won from the line. They turned the ball over, they did not shot well, but what they did do well won them the game. 83% from the free throw line is an incredible number, and some in clutch moments easily helped win them the game.


Every game is different. The Warriors beat the Spurs by 30 earlier on in the season, but Saturday proved Popovich’s brilliance. If this match up happens it could be one the best, if not the best, matchups in playoff history. Everything included and these statistics shown, the Spurs have what it takes to knock off a juggernaut team such as the Warriors.

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