The King of the Court No More?



Is this the year the King goes down before the finals? Most would say no, but this article is here to tell you why it is possible. This underdog team has the potential firepower to beat out the Cavaliers in seven that is the Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors have depth, size and talent. They are led by all-star point guard Kyle Lowry who averages 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists per game, and was just named Eastern Conference players of the week, the Toronto Raptors are looking prime for a run.

DeMar DeRozan who is averaging a career high 23.8 point per game also fuels them. Despite these two, the Raptors also have Cory Joseph who spend several years under the coaching of Gregg Poppovich, Terrance Ross who is a high- flying, three point- shooting wing guard, and Bismack Biyombo who is a huge presence in the paint.

Shockingly all these players are off their bench.  Their 2-1 record against the Cavs also helps. They won November 25, 2015 when Kyle Lowry dropped 27 points and 6 assists. Then they were defeated by 22 on January 4; and they ended the season series by beating the Cavs by 2 on February 26 as Lowry dominated with 43 points and 9 assists.

Another huge factor is DeMarre Carroll and his health. He brings so much to this Toronto team such as the ability to utilize the spread four option with him. He also produces a very talented defender to guard LeBron as seen in the 4-point win on November 25 when he held LeBron to 6-16 from the field.

With 13 games left, Toronto needs to be focused on potentially clinching the 1-seed. If they can do that and get Carroll back, this team could be a real threat to the King and company.



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