The Unsuspected Struggle

This article is going to break down the struggle the Wizards have had this season. They have performed subpar this year and are on the bubble. Playoff hopes are still alive for them, but they are looking slimmer by the day. This article will break down a couple struggles that the Wizards have gone through.


Washington Wizards: The Washington Wizards are led by elite point guard John Wall. Wall has averaged 20 points and 10 assists. He is one of three-point guard who average a double- double in that regard. So with such a threat how can they not win?


The first struggle they have is being without star SG Bradley Beal. Beal is a fourth-year man out of the University of Florida who has only appeared in 46 games, and even when healthy has been on the floor only 30:42 per game which is two and a half minutes less than his previous two seasons. Beal was Wall’s right hand, go to man, but without him the Wizards have seen struggles this year.


The second reason that the Wizards have struggled is because of Nene. Nene was the starting power forward last year, and this year after the acquisition of Markieff Morris has turned into a bench players. Nene now averages 8.5 points per game that is the least in his entire career (of seasons of over 20 games played). He also averages 4.4 rebounds a game that is also the worst in his 15-year career. His transition to the bench and unproductivity this year has caused Washington to struggle.


Washington currently sites at 35-36 and 2.5 games outside of the 8th playoff seed. The Wizards have young potential and a bright future, but the obvious failure this year has been may cause a setback. Every Wizard fan will be hoping for the transformation of this team into a championship ball club within the next few years.

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