Why the “steroid era” is worse than originally imagined

Every baseball fan knows about baseball’s steroid era, the era scarred by home runs and the top athletes “juicing”. Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriguez are the names that come to mind when that era is talked about. A lot of baseball fans hate the sport for this era as it was cheating, but even though the era ended years ago it is still having its residual effects.

In the steroid era the amount of home runs was astronomical, with both Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire broke 70 in a season. Sosa also hit 66 in the same season that McGuire broke the home run record, 1998. The problem with all this power is that it was expected even night, from almost all players.

That has carried over to current players and the current era of baseball now. What people are considering this current era of baseball, since steroid players have started being caught, is considered to be the era of young flamethrowers that dominate the game. Between the Mets’ top three in the rotation, all of whom are in the rookie contracts and throw over 95, are the faces of this era.

The residual effect of the steroid era is that the power, such as Bonds and McGuire, that was showcased nightly is expected still. So when every player comes to bat and either hits a weak ground ball or basically not a long home run, it disappoints the crowd and audience. Since most players now a days do not possess the type of power that Bonds and McGuire and Sosa had, excluding Giancarlo Stanton and Bryce Harper as well as others, these type of 70+ homers seasons are not going to happen. What also isn’t going to happen is home runs that average over 450 feet, yes Stanton hit long bombs but not all the time.

The steroid era hurt that time of baseball’s history as a travesty and has made fans expecting more from the players. This era of players, as well as play style, is not the same as the last era. The current era of baseball is more of an all around focus instead of focusing on any one area, for example Mike Trout is one of the best players in the game and probably history and he isn’t the best player in any one area but rather all of them. This era is also one of the best for pitching as stated above.

More fans need to embrace the fact that the days of 70+ home run hitters and 450 foot home runs are gone. They also need to embrace the fact that players will be all around hitters not just focusing on a certain area. Also pitching is going to be the big thing going forward, but there is something about the “steroid era” that was good. To learn about what that is check back next week here on Ryno Sports Talk.

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