A Draft plan for the Browns and my 2016 Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft happening today I want to explain something to discuss. The Cleveland Browns are one of the most notable bad drafting teams, they haven’t been to the playoffs except for one year in the past twenty years, and haven’t had a franchise QB in that same span. The Browns with their top ten pick should not take a QB this year and see what they should get out of RG3. The reason is that they have more holes on their team than just QB and with their amount of picks over the next two years they need to take advantage of them. They should not reach for a QB but rather take a best player available approach and get depth. This would allow another year for rebuilding if RG3 tanks and they would have a top pick to get one of the best college QB’s in Deshawn Watson of Clemson or another one as next years QB pool is way deeper and better than this year. But without further ado here is this years RST Mock Draft. I will do a comparison and explanation of my picks after the draft is completed. 2016 NFL Mock Draft

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