The MVP Issue

Last week Stephen Curry of the Warriors was named the NBA MVP unanimously, but did he deserve it? Curry was perhaps the best player in the league this year, some people even going as far as saying he is the best ever. First off lets address the last part, Curry is not the beat player ever because it is his seventh season in the league. Why is he getting all the praise? Yes he is a great shooter and volume scorer, but he is not a all around player.

Nonetheless Curry does not deserve the MVP this year because he isn’t the Most Valuable. Usually value is determined by point differential and this postseason with Curry off the court the Warriors score 10.8 points MORE than with him on the court. Both LeBron James and Draymond Green have 13.7 and 10.7 points less when they are off the court. That is the first reason that Curry is less valuable than his teammate and LeBron.

LeBron also is a better defender as opponents score 20 points less than when he is off the court, while also shooting 10% less. When the Warriors do not have Curry teams are shooting only 1 less point than when he is on the court as well as only shooting 1 percent less effective.

But the real problem I have is how the voting turned out with Kawhi Leonard coming in second and LeBron in third. The biggest thing is that last season both Curry and LeBron were taking the last shots in games, or even shouldering the load in some games. What does Kawhi do? He sits in the corner and tries to help run the play. The problem? The plays aren’t designed for him, he is the third option on that team behind Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. He doesn’t do as much as both Curry and LeBron do for their teams no matter how much people say LeBron “chokes”.

Yes Curry is the best shooter and scorer in the game so he will have more flashy stats and plays. He really is just a flavor of the month because that team is stacked, Klay Thompson is one the best shooting guards in the game, same with Harrison Barnes at small forward and Draymond Green at power forward. Thats 4 of the 5 starters being top 5 at their respective positions, that is just unfair.

Here is the problem that the professional sports have with the MVP award, they give it to the best player not most valuable. As I laid out Curry is not valuable on that Warrior team but LeBron is, but yet Curry won the Most Valuable Player award over LeBron. These sports need to add another award for the player with the best stats or the most flashy player. They could even name it after some old players that represent that. For the NBA it could be the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trophy because he leads the league in points scored. For the NFL it could be the Peyton Manning trophy for all the offensive records he has broken and currently holds. For the MLB it could be the Ty Cobb award because he has the highest career batting average. As long as they create a separate award for “Most Flashy Player” or “Most Impressive Player” along with readjusting the criteria for Most Valuable Player they could name it whatever they want.

One thought on “The MVP Issue

  1. amazing post my guy. this has been a topic that has been debated heavily between me and my group . i also post sports related content on my page and youtube. i gave you a follow and will be reading more . keep up the good work wow

    also i say he deserves it ….well being the first that is


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