The Worst NBA Finals Ever…

Before getting into the meat and potatoes of this piece I want to take a moment to discuss some interesting things I have thought while watching the NBA Finals Game 6 last night. There are a lot of good things to happen out of this game such as how the Cavs’ now know how to beat the Warriors full strength.

  1. The Warriors look bored for the first half of the game and tired for all of it, they are taking horrible shots early in the game consistently. For example with 14 seconds on the clock in the first quarter last night I saw Klay Thompson shoot up a shot from almost 10 feet behind the line, a true her check shot. What happened? He missed, by a lot, then the Cavs’ came done and got a good shot to go in and extend the lead to double digits, this happened consistently.
  2. As I was talking with Austin Druse ( the morning after we started to discuss who is the key factor in game 7 for both teams. After reading his column regarding Game 6, Andre Iguoldala is the key guy for the Warriors, even with the unanimous MVP on the same team. The Warriors can win without Curry but not Iggy, the other injuries are also helping the Cavs’ out with Bogut being out as well. If Iggy is healthy he can shut down whoever is hot on the Cavs’ at the moment and make the ball go away from the hot hand.
  3. How will the Cavs’ attack Game 7? We discussed this over text as well, and started talking about how LeBron will get his team involved. I brought up that if JR Smith can get hot quick from outside the Cavs’ have a better chance to have good scorers coming off the bench. What the whole thought comes down to is will LeBron get his teammates involved or just do LeBron and Kyrie things. I think they need to get their team involved fast to build better game chemistry, as well as, confidence for all the players not just Kyrie and LeBron but we will see how they attack it.

Before I get into this I want you to watch this video right here:


Now if you saw the video there was a few pieces there that I will break down in sections. First is the free throw and directly after, how was there not a foul called right under the basket there was a scrum and two players ended up on the floor. That should have been stopped right there and a foul assessed but also there was a somewhat smart no call by the refs.

Right after the fact we see Curry fly from the bottom of the screen to the top going for the rebound, no big deal. When he actually goes for the ball he actually hits some ball but more arms than anything, that is a reach-in foul, kind of a tricky tacky foul, but a foul nonetheless. It was Curry’s 6th of the game and he got pissed because he fouled out, rightfully so but lets stop here before going onto the next part of this clip.

Everyone thinks that Curry did not deserve all the fouls that he had, but he did, there were three fouls that were blatant fouls, like were he threw Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love like rag dolls off a bad switch. Every single time you see Curry get mad at his teammates for bad defense, it was deserved, but how is that fine if when LeBron does that he is “a bad teammate” but Curry its fine? Curry plays aggressive but he should not have been that aggressive when he had five fouls.

The thing that gets me is how Curry can go and whine and complain to these refs, as he did on the four other fouls that he committed, and its fine, but if LeBron does it he is a “baby”. Explain the hypocrisy in that to me, Literally every NBA player does that to get the calls their way, and it pisses me off and is very annoying. I hate how the players do that, if you committed a foul own it, don’t go crying to the nearest ref saying you did not do it when he was right in front of you watching. Now it is ok to go up to a ref and talk to them POLITELY, not getting in their face and yelling, if you do that to a ref, in my opinion, you should be T’ed up (given a technical foul) or even ejected. If they are showing that on TV and young players are seeing that, they will emulate it, kids do not need to copy that and do it to non-professional refs.

Another thing about that play is that everyone is saying LeBron flopped, and he didn’t he got scared. Not like he was scared to do anything but kind of spooked because the whole game no one challenged for a offensive rebound. I would be shocked and jump a little bit if, when I wasn’t expecting it, someone tried to steal the ball from me and hit my arm. That was not a flop just a jump, even though many people can say that LeBron flops a lot so it makes sense that he would have flopped then also. The thing that no one else says is that everyone in the league flops also, even the “Best Team Ever” does, all the time. Anderson Varajao is the best flopper in the league especially when people try to drive on him, just google it I bet you can find a mixtape of him flopping around.

On to the last part of the clip, Curry throws his mouthguard at a fan in frustration, not intentionally but he threw it away and happened to hit a fan. Yes he apologized and all, but Curry can not be doing that, do you see LeBron or MJ down that? I never have, if he really will be the “Golden Boy” and Face of the League he can not be doing that because it makes him look bad. The reason he did that was not just because of him fouling out but also because he was losing and his whole team playing bad. The whole weight of the season as well as winning a second ring and all that is taking a toll on him, and it does not look like he can handle it. The “Best Player in the World” needs to be able to stay calm and not lash out like that as well as play like the best player in the world.

The last little part I want to talk about is the end of the clip of him on the court, he points at LeBron and stares him down. After the way LeBron blocked him earlier in the game

I do not think Curry has any room to taunt LeBron. Maybe he wants LeBron to block him, or dunk on him, again so hard that Riley feels the disgrace and Ayesha Curry deletes her account. She already should after the bad tweet about how the NBA is rigged because her husband fouled out and the team lost. I’ll let Brian Windhorst and his perfect reply take over. (

4 thoughts on “The Worst NBA Finals Ever…

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