It’s Finally Over

After, what seemed like a entirety, a year and a half Tom Brady and the NFL have finally ended this whole Deflate-gate Saga. Tom Brady stated today that he will forfeit the first four games of the upcoming season after deciding to not take his case to the supreme court. My only thoughts are “It’s finally over”. This whole thing was a waste of time, money, and attention of the fans.

First it was a waste of time, again a year and a half, and think about how much more time that the investigators for the NFL, and whoever Tom Brady employed, into this whole thing. Also the NFL made most of the people involved, outside of Brady, most of them Patriots employee and not players besides Brady.

Secondly, how much money did the NFL use to uncover as much dirt as they could against Brady. That is only the first part of the money spending, they also have to pay for the legal people, as well as how many times they had to interview people. I do not care that the NFL spent as much money as they did, because they have so much money they need some of it to be spent, but what they spent that on, this stupid case to fight. If they just talked to Brady and made some concessions as well as maybe cutting a deal, this never would have happened.

Lastly this finally makes the fans either cry, happy, or stay indifferent. Most fans hate both the Patriots and Brady especially, but 4 games for using partially deflated footballs? But smoking weed is the same, or hitting your wife is two games if you are Ray Rice, or eight games if you are Greg Hardy. The NFL is all about getting their money, and they are actually the loser in this whole battle, yes they got Brady suspended but what does that do for them really?

Maybe some fans will go out and buy Brady jerseys to go and support him, but that actually helps the NFL because they are still bringing in that money. Most fans will actually not go to the first three Patriots games because Brady is not playing, that is what will hurt the NFL, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the most. The NFL were really not thinking when seeking this punishment for Brady, they are going to turn not only fans, but people that follow their every move to watch them mess up. I can’t wait for the people that will try to say that Ray Rice’s domestic abuse case was not this pursued, but Deflate-gate was. I also am interested to see what the next NFL headline grabber will be, if they really were rigged and wanting to keep the headlines they will get another controversial thing to talk about until football starts.

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