Where Is EA Sports NCAA Football?

This time of year seems boring ever since 2014, not because MLB is the only sport right now but because there are no new sports video games, mainly NCAA Football. The last game of the legendary series came out in 2015 and features what the title says, being able to play NCAA Football. This game was so much better than Madden because they never messed up how the game flowed and played, and the game modes were insanely good.

In NCAA everyone knows that the G.O.A.T. mode was Road to Glory which is this game’s version of MyCareer, where you play as a single player throughout his career. You can start the career, depending on which game you play, at the beginning of your senior year of high school, or in the high school playoffs in the older games, and play into the state playoffs. All throughout the year you receive offers from NCAA schools across the nation and have to make the decision of which school to pick based on, where you want to go, how long you have to wait to play and who is ahead of you on the depth chart. The best part about picking the school is that you could pick any school and possibly lead them to a national championship. The best part, besides playing throughout the years at the school, is the practice part of the mode where you have to run plays and earn XP to move up the depth chart then battle the people ahead of you to take their spot. It makes going to bigger schools and having to earn your spot a lot more fun than how Madden just gives you a starting spot, no matter your overall.

Another game mode that was great on NCAA is Dynasty Mode, their version of franchise mode. This mode had everything that college coaches have to do, from managing the team and depth chart to recruiting. All throughout the season you have to manage who you bring in to visit and who/ how many you offer, even battle other schools to get that player. The best part is the phone calls you have to make to the receipts to sway them, and how you plan to pitch your school to them. This was my most played game mode as you can either pick a powerhouse school, or a small school and make them great.

The reason this game hasn’t been out since 2014 is, of course, money. EA used college athletes likeness in the game, made them look, play, and even act sometimes like the players they are supposed to portray. Their way of getting out of paying the athletes, and being able to use their likeness, is they did not put their names into the game, for example, a QB wearing the number 2 was named “QB #2”. Everyone knew who all the big name players were and some even went far enough to make a roster with the real names and upload it to the games share server.

EA needed to give in when sued to keep the game alive when everyone played it and looked forward to it more than any other sports game. All they had to do was give the players some sort of retribution, it could have been a copy of the game and a bunch of DLC stuff for it or some real money. EA makes enough money to be able to actually pay these athletes, but if they didn’t I believe that a student athlete would be perfectly content with getting the game, including a few DLC bonus stuff, and being able to play as themselves in a video game.

There are now discussions between EA and the college schools to bring back the iconic series. This needs to happen, Madden is getting to the point where it is becoming unrealistic and very copy-and-paste. They do not make enough improvements to the game to warrant the $59.99 price tag. EA is losing fan interest, and trust, and how they can win that back is bringing their best sports game back.

Here’s how EA can bring back this game and not turn fans away, bring back the NCAA 15 engine and put in all the colleges from the FBS. Do not use any of the player likenesses of any current player but put in rosters, or even single players, from the past like Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, and Marcus Mariota among other former college stars. They also should update the graphics to new consoles, obviously, and even remaster NCAA 15 for current gen consoles as well. If EA just does include player likeness but does keep coach likeness and style, as well as use the same engine they have always used, not this stupid Madden one, this game could be a real hit among new players. But in all reality as long as they make a NCAA game, and soon, for the new generation of consoles, everyone will be happy. And while you are at it bring back NCAA College Basketball too.

Please EA bring back this game, it was an icon of the gaming generation now and if you don’t know how good the game would do. Just look at another game that brought back their iconic game and updated it, it is currently one of the top free games in the app store Pokemon Go.

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