The “Hot Take” Time of the Year

This is a boring time of the year for most fans, both casual and hardcore of any sport, outside of hardcore baseball fans. There is no college football, NFL, NBA, or even NHL going on, outside of Olympics every four years. So how do ESPN, Bleacher Report, and other sports news sources keep fresh content coming? They do a lot of hot takes, and predictions as well as “news” for each sport. It is the only type of content that these guys can produce and have even a little interest from their fans.

What I mean by hot takes is making up some opinion about a certain topic and if you work for ESPN and are on the show “First Take”, or your name is Skip Bayless, the take is usually wrong. For example Skip Bayless likes to say that LeBron James is not the best player ever, which is currently is not the greatest of all time but he is close, but for some reason Bayless uses the most arbitrary reasons to say LeBron isn’t good. One of his favorites is that “LeBron doesn’t have 6 rings” and that he isn’t 6-0 in the finals. That should not negate the Cleveland teams that LeBron brought to the finals when he first came into the league. Thats just one bad take from Bayless he has more for every sport, mostly NBA however, but they are still terrible takes.

Another type of content that sports outlets produce are predictions, both normal and “BOLD”, for sports that are not in season yet, even some for trades for MLB. Some of these predictions are really easy predictions to make, such as “DeAndre Hopkins will catch 15 touchdowns next year.” Thats not a true prediction as Hopkins should be doing that every year as that is not a high number for receivers anymore. If they were to say that he would catch 25, now thats a different story as that is a record for the NFL.

Some “Bold Predictions” that are usually tossed out there are stuff like “Peyton Manning will have a down year and retire”, well duh he is 40 and only a few years from neck surgery. This just one example of a “Bold Prediction” that these sports news outlets make. These need to stop because it is just a waste of time to read them as some of these are just common knowledge things that will happen. There are some content producers that actually have bold predictions like “Tom Brady will come back after his suspension and play like Peyton Manning did last year” kind of stuff where they actually go out on a limb and make true bold predictions.

The last little thing that I hate about this time of the year is the “news” that they report on. Sometimes it is legit news like “X player is accused of domestic violence” or “Y Player got a DUI and is being investigated by their league.” Other types of news that is reported is stuff such as “Sammy Watkins made the best catch of Bill’s camp lets watch it 30 times.” This kind of news needs to stop as it is very annoying, and is the worst kind of content as it is just lazy and any regular person can put onto twitter.

Overall this is the worst time of the year to watch, read, or listen to sports news outlets and content producers because of the content produced. These are the most annoying types of content that are produced and make some of the most casual fans turn away from reading future articles and content from that producer. In all honesty as long as Skip Bayless stays away from the Hot Take carousel we wont have to worry about seeing terrible takes and articles this time of year.

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