Football is back!… Kinda

Today August 7 is the official kickoff of the NFL preseason as the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers play in the NFL Hall of Fame game. Now that this game is upon us will people still stop all the “X amount of days until football returns” posts on all social media? No not even close, preseason football is not as popular, nor entertaining, as regular season games. The main reason that most preseason games are not popular, or do not matter, is that the starters barely play in these games. In the first, second and fourth games the starters play between a quarter to a half of the games, while in the third game they play a little bit into the third quarter. That is exactly what this preseason is for, examining what teams have in young players as a future and who can, and will, make an impact on an NFL roster.

The NFL preseason is one of the weakest preseasons of all the sports, MLB has a lot of games that starters play in but it’s still baseball and no one watches it. The NBA does not have a real preseason but when that comes around there are a lot of special plays because the games do not matter and the players that are roster locks just mess around. The MLB has no opportunity to do that but they do produce some good storylines (anyone remembers the Trevor Story storyline from this year?) compared to the other sports. The NFL, however, shows the future of the sport and even has a lot of fun plays that the coaches draw up.

The real time that football is back is not when the NFL starts, but rather when all levels start, high school, college, and NFL. I can not wait until college football starts back up because every game matters and it is just way more fun to watch. But does football begin when camp’s open or when games start, is the question to ask? Since most training camps, and college football camps, are open to the public most would say it is when those camps open is when football is back, but since most camps are just drills and not actual competitive games they are not fun to watch.

The last reason that NFL is not back yet is that fantasy football does not matter yet. Yes, the preseason may dig up some hidden gems, or show how players have progressed from injury, but it still does not matter in leagues yet, once the games start getting fantasy players points then football is truly back.

Once college football games, and NFL games, begin again I will start saying that football is back, but with these boring and pointless preseason games I will not be saying that. Although preseason games are fun to watch because of the storylines, players with something to play for, and some great plays. It still isn’t truly football until the games matter and the rosters are set

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