Fantasy Football is a waste of time, but you will still play it anyway

Every year around this time many people get the fantasy football itch, as sports watchers are bombarded with ads and “tips” to win their fantasy leagues. Most of these tips are either common knowledge, or common assumption, or a way to draw attention for example “Brock Osweiler will have a career year with the Texans.” Really a career backup, who started 6 games in three years, will have a career year because he finally gets to start. How long did that take you to think of? This is literally no reason to think any different. On the attention side, writers may say something that makes the reader go “Maybe I should check this out.” Usually the headline entails some “hidden gems” or sleepers, and usually, the players mentioned do not even play or play sparingly.

Everyone knows that fantasy football wastes time between setting lineups, researching match-ups, players to watch, and everything to make your team perfect. In fact, in 2012 a study was done about fantasy football and it showed that businesses lost more than 13.4 billion dollars in revenue a season. That number has gone up every year since fantasy football became popular in 2008, will this number actually mean anything to anyone because of how much steam this blows off and makes work actually fun? Probably not.

Another reason that fantasy sports, football, in particular, is popular is because of the daily fantasy sports (DFS). The most popular site, DraftKings, and FanDuel, are advertising on every single fantasy sports site and even during the games. Not that the numbers are made public, but most everyone plays it because of the fallacy’s that they portray in their commercials, being able to win millions of dollars if you are good at the game. To put it simply, these games are gambling and will never have a winner of the magnitude portrayed in the commercials.

ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and more fantasy football sites promote their “new and improved fantasy football app and system” every year because more and more people play it. Fantasy football is more popular than ever and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity any time soon. No matter how many people say that playing fantasy sports is a waste of time, deep down you know that Jeremy from the cubicle next door will never let you live down your 3 point loss to him.

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