Why Is This a Thing?

Now that the first week of NFL and second week of college football is done there is only one thing on everyone’s mind, the national anthem. Not that it is patriotic or people are crying during it like Knowshown Moreno a few years ago for the Broncos. Rather they are talking about how many players are not standing when the anthem is played.

It started during the preseason when San Fransisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem before a game as a protest. Since then many other players have either sat or kneeled to “raise awareness” for the issue of black lives matter. There is a lot of problems that people have with this ranging from “He is unpatriotic”, to even “Colin is just trying to incite more revolts and fights nationally for this movement”. I am not here to discuss if Black Lives Matter is good or bad, nor am I saying that Kaepernick is going about it the right way, theres only one thing I want to discuss. Colin Kaepernick and his handlers are geniuses.

The reason I say that Kaep and his handlers are geniuses is because of two reasons, building brand awareness and staying a professional football player. First Kaepernick was the leagues 20th best selling jersey before all this started, now he is number 1. Was this a planned outcome from this protest? Very much so. The reason that his jersey is that high on the best sellers list is not because people want to wear it but rather burn it or disrespect it. Does Kaep or his handlers care about that? No, all they care about is the money flowing in from the sales and that they are selling.

Another reason that Colin is smart is before he started this he was on the roster bubble and everyone knew it. He was a washed up one year wonder, who couldn’t beat Blaine Gabbert out for the starting job, the same Gabbert who couldn’t get over 3000 yards for the Jaguars years ago. He made getting cut not a football issue but a race issue, deep down he just wants his money, maybe he will donate it like he says but donating only a million of the 19 million he got for being on the roster is not a huge hit to him.

Overall why is taking a knee or sitting during the national anthem as big a deal as it is right now. Yes September 11 is different because, it’s 9/11 basically a holiday and a huge deal to all Americans. Stand up on that day and honor those lives taken on that day 15 years ago. Any other week go for it, kneel, sit whatever you want as long as it is not violent or disruptive. At least they aren’t starting riots or anything, it really is not as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be and the continual coverage and talking about it needs to stop.

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