The Browns are a hot dumpster fire. . . and I love it

Traditionally the Browns are a perennial bottom feeder of the NFL as they have not gone to the playoffs since 2002 when they lost in the first round to the Steelers. Since then they have been incredibly bad, having only one winning season in that span of time, and they didn’t even make the playoffs. Out of those 13 years they have finished in last place 11 of those times, and third one time, and have never won a Super Bowl. That is bad, really bad.

This year’s Browns had high hopes, maybe not winning a Super Bowl high, but at least back to the playoffs and out of the cellar. That hasn’t happened this year, however, as their savior at Quarterback Robert Griffin the third, fractured his coracoid bone in the first week. The back up, Josh McCown broke his collarbone in week 2. So the QB situation has gotten bad for the Browns, they are down to Cody Kessler starting, and Terrell Pryor being a change of pace guy.

Kessler has not been as effective as the Browns had hoped when they drafted him this past year, on his first drive he: fumbled the snap on both first and second down, while handing it off on first down, then having a strip sack happen on third down. Kessler, however, was fairly efficient as he had 244 yards passing on 21 of 33 attempts. Even young stud receiver Corey Coleman broke his foot in a game and will be out for 4-6 weeks.

The only bright spot for these Browns is Terrell Pryor who is transitioning to wide receiver from quarterback in the past two years. In three games this year Pryor has 244 yards on 14 receptions, since star wideout Josh Gordon has been gone for the year to this point, Pryor has been the focal point of the offense.

The best part of the Browns this year is that they are so bad, its hard not to watch their games. Not only is it hard to not watch whoever they throw out there at quarterback but also how they find ways to blow the games. In the first week they just got burned by the Eagles but in weeks two and three they got creative in losing.

In week two they found a way to lose that was unique, they blew a 20 point lead, yes it was to the better equipped Ravens but still, 20 points, thats a lot. They didn’t score after the first quarter, thats how bad the game was for the Browns.

In week three against the Dolphins they lost in overtime after rallying back from down 10 to tie the game. They lost because kicker Cody Parkey missed three field goals throughout the game that could have won them the game multiple times.

No matter how bad the Browns are they always seem a way to make themselves worse, whether it be drafting a quarterback every year, or using multiple mediocre quarterbacks seemingly every week. Every game is a entertaining few hours to watch this garbage fire of a team try to resemble a NFL team more than a high school JV team.

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