Who cares about college football rankings now that it’s official?

Yes, I am writing about this again, yes, I am still pissed after three of the top four teams lost and eight top 25 teams lost. We only had two top 25 matchups as well, so six teams lost to unranked opponents. The teams that weren’t top four and lost to bad teams, outside of Arkansas who lost to a ranked LSU team, lost close. Texas A&M lost for a second straight week to a Mississippi team (Ole Miss) by only a point, as well did Clemson to Pitt, and North Carolina to Duke. Others lost by greater scores such as auburn losing to Georgia by 6 and Washington losing by 13. What really matters though is how far they fall in the AP Poll, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Every college football poll is stupid, there I said it, it’s dumb, biased, and overall doesn’t solve anything. The reason I say this is that it is a flawed system, having media vote on the rankings? Really? Who thought that this was a good idea? The coaches poll is way better only because they actually know the in’s and out’s of the game and it’s not just about win-loss but also about how good/bad they played, in theory. In my opinion losing to a 6-4 Iowa team, who should not hang with the #2 team in the nation to begin with, should drop that team more than one and two slots, in the coaches and AP polls respectively. Here’s the thing about that loss, Iowa lost to FCS power North Dakota State University, there is no way that NDSU holds their own against Michigan, no way, but Iowa did so it’s a quality loss.

Speaking of quality losses apparently, any Big Ten or SEC loss doesn’t mean anything to the media and coaches as stated before with the Michigan loss and Texas A&M loss. A&M and Auburn are two of six teams that have recorded 7 wins or less, with one major exception they have no quality win, I won’t talk about LSU and Florida because they had a postponed game and have played one less game thus making it unfair to judge them. USC, who beat Washington this week and a top 15 CU team earlier this year, Florida State, who beat a top 10 at the time Miami and took Clemson down to the wire, Auburn, whose quality win is maybe LSU or Arkansas but kept the Clemson game close, and A&M is the last, they beat Auburn who was over ranked and Tennessee who has since dropped out of the rankings, who have they played?

The SEC, outside of Bama, is trash but still gets great bias and help from the media because they are the SEC. It’s that simple if you play in the SEC and have a good record you will be ranked in the top 15 not matter who you lose to or play. If it takes two losses to teams with a combined record of 9-11, in back-to-back weeks to drop you from playoff contention something is wrong. The most prime example happened this year week 1, Oklahoma was ranked #3 in the AP Poll and were receiving votes for the top spot, they played a #15 ranked Houston coming off a huge cotton bowl win over Florida State last season and they played each other week 1. After a hard fought loss to Houston, Oklahoma waited for their fate to be decided next week. They found out that they dropped, rightfully, 11 spots to the 14th spot, wrongfully, only because they play in the Big 12. Had that been a SEC team or Big Ten team they would have only dropped about 5 spots because it would be a “quality loss.”

The AP needs to do away with quality losses and needs to start looking at the quality of wins as well, because of some teams, Nebraska, playing a bad Oregon team and almost lose yet go rocketing up the rankings. Yes, wins are and should be, the most important thing for these rankings but a new rating is needed to ensure that the teams are deserving, quality wins. If you beat a mid level big 12 teams, Texas, it should move you more than beating a low-level Pac-12 team, Arizona. If team 1 wins a game to the bad Pac-12 team by 3 points, while team 2 beats the good Big 12 team by 14+, team 2 should move higher in the rankings. Oh, I forgot to mention team 1 is a SEC team so they automatically move up 13 spots because that’s how the SEC bias rolls. While team 2 is an ACC team and they drop two spots cause who wants to see an ACC team in the playoff?

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