Rivalry Week Aftermath

Man that game, though, was it a first? Maybe, Is John Harbaugh crazy and a cry baby? Probably, but most importantly what happens in the College Football Playoff? Who knows.

The thing that I realize now, as a person who just enjoys the game as a person who has no vested interest in the game is that people think they know everything. Every sports bar there is always that one guy, or group, that is always “better than the officials” or turns into a “football expert” when a call doesn’t go their way. For example, the last fourth down play in overtime right before the game-winner for Ohio State, was JT Barrett across the line? I think yes, only because he first got forward progress past the line and into the guy blocking for him and because that yellow line is an estimate, not official. It seems like most people do not understand that and think that line is official. I also think that instant replay has a huge factor on these plays being “controversial” and I think it may be ruining sports. Still, everyone thinks they know the game deeper and better than the refs, until it goes their way, and they get a built-in excuse of “the refs screwed us!” Nonetheless, most of these fans only want their team to win and when they lose they try to find as many excuses to say instead of saying “The other team was better.”

So Jim Harbaugh went off again in a postgame presser, as seen above, and what does that tell us? First, it tells us that Harbaugh is definitely crazy, at least about the game of football, we all know that because of how he acts on the field. Harbaugh also says a lot of things that show compassion for the game, especially in post-game press conferences. Last night, however, was a little different as he got more heated than usual and criticized the officials of the game, even though he is correct on most points. This isn’t the only time that sports athletes, or coaches, got heated in a post game presser, and it won’t be the last. Yes, it is great for media because of the clips, but man does it make these guys look bad. I still think we need to increase the cooldown period after a game before the press can shove their pics in the coaches and athletes faces’. Especially after big games such as Ohio State-Michigan, because we both know that Harbaugh will come out and apologize for his words sometime this week.

So Ohio State won, now what’s next both these teams and even this year’s iteration of the College Football Playoff, well it could be crazier and more controversial than normal. First for these team’s immediate futures’ neither will play in the conference championship game, that distinction goes to Penn State, who is climbing up the rankings after beating Ohio State just a few weeks ago. What impact does this game, and the fact that neither can be conference champion impact both teams? Well for Ohio State, because they won the game, it means little there still is a good chance that they are in the playoff, even if they drop to number 4. Michigan is a little hairy however as they might be this year’s Stanford and sitting at number 5 just outside of the playoff unless certain things happen. The things that need to happen are: first, Penn State winning the championship in a sloppy game where they barely win and don’t look good, Michigan holds the tie-breaker with both but beat Penn State by more. Second, Colorado wins the Pac-12, with Washington being in the playoff right now if they lost to CU in the championship they should fall out of it and maybe out of the top 10, while CU would be good enough to move up to either 5 or 6 for a Rose Bowl bid but not a Playoff spot, because Michigan holds that tie-breaker as well. Third, pray that the committee lets them slip in as a four seed and say “We think that this would be the best match-up of all the options.”

Lastly, the biggest theme of the night was OT, and should the NCAA change it. I do not believe that they should only because of how fun and exciting the rules are. Yes, it is kind of ridiculous that it is not truly fair to start in the red zone, basically, but if you can’t win a game in the regular amount of time, should you really be complaining? All of these teams should be able to close out the game in four quarters, and if you can’t? Well that sucks and you better hope your defense is good enough to hold the other team one time. The OT rules are awesome, in my opinion, and I think the NFL needs an adaptation of these rules instead of their bad OT rules now. Who changes the rule and finds a happy medium first? Probably neither but I prefer the NCAA to the NFL OT because of many reasons, but the biggest reason is that the NCAA games don’t end in ties.

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