The Madden Curse hits Gronk

Rob Gronkowski had his share of success and stardom so far in his career in the NFL, he has become both the best tight end in the game and a recognizable face of the NFL. Gronk, as he is called also, has a off the field personality where he parties a lot and is a distraction to the team. Well, we might want to relish the career he has put together so far as we might have seen the last of “His Gronk-ness”.

Gronk has officially been placed on IR by the Patriots today as they have officially ended his season. This is good for Gronk as he has only played in 8 of the Patriots games this season, because of miscellaneous injuries. Many believe that this injury stems from a hit from Seahawks safety Earl Thomas in their week 9 matchup. That may be the case as to how the injury got aggravated but the real hit was caused by the “Madden Curse”.

As most people know the Madden Curse is that the cover athlete for Madden every year since 1998 has “either had troubling or abruptly shortened seasons following their cover debut — including several who suffered season-ending injuries shortly after their game hit shelves.” per This may have just been coincidence but history points to otherwise.

All joking aside this article is to quickly discuss the future for both Gronkowski and the Cheaters, I mean Patriots. First, for Gronk, this may be the last we ever hear from his as a Patriots player and possibly NFL player. This is the third injury, and subsequent surgery, for Gronkowski on his back with the first while he was in college at the University of Arizona and the second in his fourth season in the NFL. The first was the reason he was a second round pick rather than a first rounder, does Gronk and his family want to risk his future health to play NFL longer, or would they rather quit and get out since he made his money? The decision is a tough one for us to figure out, but if I were him I would lean toward quitting and saving future pain.

For the Patriots this is a tough decision for both Belichick and the rest of the decision-makers there. Obviously, they will wait and see what the doctors say, as well as, what the Gronkowski’s decide on his future. I do not see Belichick rushing Ground back as they have depth with Bennett, but what would they do if Brady retires after the season?

Assuming Brady leaves the game after the season, would Belichick go all-in on a rebuild or try to see what they fully have in Garoppolo? Where does Gronk fit in there? Both Garoppolo and Gronk have not shared the field at the same time yet, but they have practice reps together I assume, so will Gronk have the same type of impact as eh does with Brady behind center?

Either way, the Patriots will draft a tight end this year, presumably Jake Butt from Michigan, early in the draft. The only real question is, if healthy and willing, does Gronk come back and stay a Patriot, or does he get cut, or more likely traded? I guarantee if the Pat’s don’t want him someone will, assuming health, would they get what they got for Jaimie Collins, a third, or something better? Who knows, but I think we will find out this offseason as we will wonder what that New England offense will look like without the best tight end in the game, and possibly the greatest QB ever, in 2017.

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