Jeff Fisher. . . You’re FIRED

So this past week has been crazy, not only for sports but also myself and I am finally able to sit down and write this piece. However, I still have a better record than Jeff Fisher, who after tying the record for most losses in NFL history took another L and lost his job. Why the Ram’s chose now to fire Fisher I have no clue because of a. They played a Thursday game and had no head coach and b. Why let Jeff “7-9” Fisher not go for the record of most losses ever?

Here’s the thing about Jeff Fisher, everyone knows that he is a bad coach, he is a good teacher, but that’s about it. Maybe he is a good defensive coach, but that also could be a product of what he has been given on that side of the ball as well.

Fisher has only been to one Super Bowl, the Music City Miracle year, and that is about it for Fisher’s postseason coaching success as he is 5-6 in the postseason. Also, Fisher has never really gotten close to the postseason again outside of trips in 2003, 2007, and 2008, 2003 is when the 7-9 era started for Fisher as he lost his prize QB, Steve McNair to trade and got Vince Young, who was promising. Fisher was never given a real QB, McNair was great but not given enough time under Fisher, Young was not smart enough to play the position at a high level (look up his Wonderlic scores, seriously, it’s hilarious), and any combination of old QB’s that the Titans wanted to throw out there to play. Even with the Ram’s he didn’t have anyone from Sam Bradford to Nick Foles, to Case Keenum and Jerad Goff, who he didn’t even want to draft. He always tried to draft defense.

Fisher has coached for 22 years in the NFL for two different franchises, Houston/Tennessee and St Louis/ Los Angeles. In those years he went 7-9 5 times including 3 of the four years with the Rams. He went 8-8 or worse, not including 7-9, 10 times, and 8-8, 5 times including 3 in a row to start his career coaching. Overall Fisher has finished the season .500 or worse 16 times, including the last 7 years and his first 5 years, he has both started and ended his career doing what he does best, lose.

Even coaches in the Fisher coaching tree are not very successful, as Fisher has created three head coaches in his career, Gregg Williams, Jim Schwartz, and Mike Munchak. All of whom had coaching jobs less than four years and everyone but Schwartz only holding the head job for two years. The collective group only has a record of 52-84 between all three of them, that is just pitiful, but at least they are following in their teacher’s footsteps.

The one thing that makes no sense to me is that someone next year, whether it be the Bills, Jaguars, or someone that has a head coach opening, will hire Fisher. It will be ideal for NFL beat writers, bloggers and anyone that writes, talks, or does anything with the NFL because he would turn into the biggest loser in NFL history. That’s something very impressive to do, but I just wish it could have happened this year, that would have been perfect.

Fisher is the perfect coach if you want an early first round pick but not a high enough pick that you have to see what other teams will do. A late single digit to early double digits pick is about right for Fisher, and he is perfect for a team that wants to rebuild through the draft… defensively. On the offensive side of the ball, Fisher is near to no help, but you should also listen to him if you are a GM making the pick because he controls that players time on the field, just ask Les Snead, when he took Goff when Fisher did not want him.

In any case, Fisher is the worst coach in the NFL right now, he is the opposite of Bill Belichek, but he still gets jobs. How? I could not tell you; he has a proven track record of being terrible on offense and being good enough on defense to keep his teams from getting blown out. The most impressive thing that Fisher does is the mind control thing that he does to make the opposing team play down to his team and make the game look close. Look at every game this year until the Falcon’s game, they lost by less than two touchdowns in most of them, and in those they were within a possession a lot of the time as well. That may be enough on the track record for Fisher to get another top job and break the record, we will see I guess, but never rule anything out with Fisher.

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