The NFL messed up. . . again

As most everyone knows, the NFL has some weird rules in regards to attire the players can wear both on and off the field. From the league regulating what the players wear on the field, such as non-customizable cleats when playing, to even the sock length of the players, the NFL is picky. They are right to penalize these players, to an extent, but they are pushing those boundaries, even more, this week after they fined Odell Beckham Jr. for his Sager Strong cleats.

Beckham was fined $18 thousand dollars this past week because of those Sager Strong cleats for, what seems like the 15th time this year. This is just the most recent fine that the NFL has doled out for “breaking uniform policy,” and it is getting ridiculous. Remember last year when they stopped D’Angelo Williams from wearing pink items of clothing all season long, but Williams went around that by dying his dreadlocks pink. Williams’ mother had breast cancer, and Williams wanted to honor his mom, not just in the month of October. That is the problem that the NFL faces nowadays, that they demand the players wear certain clothes in a particular part of the season but no other time, yet “they support cancer research.” That is a whole other topic.

The NFL even has rules for off the field as well, just ask Cam Newton about those standards when he didn’t wear a tie before and after a game. Yes, Newton has to be professional, but at the same time wearing a tie does not mean professionalism, per se. Does that mean that he should have been suspended for a drive as he was? No, unless that is an explicit rule for the players to wear a tie, not just his coach telling him to wear one.

In both the Beckham and Newton cases the NFL showed their players what to wear, both on and off the field. They need to cut down on the restriction of individualism of the players, it started with the celebration restrictions and now has taken the individualism away on the apparel. The NFL is breeding robots, and no one cares enough to stand up and stop it. Even Antonio Brown this year has been shut down on this individualism by being forced to change cleats mid-game, twice, or be ejected.

The NFL is a money grabbing company who just wants to make their money. They stop the players from having their personal cleats, personalized items, or anything with their brand on it in a game. The reason they don’t want these players to have custom shoes, undershirts, or even identifying label because they can’t capitalize on it. The NFL will shut down anything that doesn’t get them money and make the players robots for the organization. The NFL sure sounds a lot like another non-profit organization who rely on their employees be robots for them and not show any personalization. *cough* NCAA *cough*.

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