So your bandwagon team lost. . . now what?

A lot of bandwagon NFL Playoff teams lost this weekend, the Seahawks, Cowboys, and Chiefs all lost, that is all but one bandwagon fanbase that lost with the last one being the Packers. So now that most of the teams lost almost every NFL fan has to find a new team to root for through the rest of the playoffs. I will help you through this process as most people choose the wrong side for them, I aim to prevent that this year.

If you want to be a winner

So there is one clear team that is the favorite this year to win the Super Bowl and if you want to be on the winning team chose them. Beware though as most people will call you a bandwagon because not many people will willingly root for this team. The fans for this team also will be called cheater’s so beware of that as well when choosing this team. They do have the best QB and coach left in the playoff’s though most of the “experts” will say that Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers are better right now as they are the hottest team going into the playoffs. However, this team has an affinity for winning in the playoffs, and they have the best record of all teams still in. If you can handle the criticism and people calling you a bandwagon fan, then choose the Patriots.

If you want to be that trendy guy

If you want to be that one guy in the office who chooses that one team that no one else does then take this team. They have the best QB statistically as they have the leader in regular season completion percentage and passer rating. They also have home field for this next game, and hopefully, they do not pump in fake crowd noise for this game and send out their old stadium out with a win. They have possibly the best combination of position players outside of QB with two solid receivers and a star receiver, as well as, two of the best running backs in their conference. If you like star receiver-passer combinations such as Julio Jones and Matt Ryan, then you should take the Atlanta Falcons as your bandwagon team for the rest of this year’s playoffs.

If you want to pick that team, that is hot

This distinction could belong to two different teams, the Packers, and Steelers but I will pick the Steelers for this one. The Steelers have won nine straight games, just like the Packers have but the Steelers are just as hot currently. Although most of the wins the Steelers have been over bad teams, such as the Browns, Colts and Bengals they also have beat three playoff teams such as the Giants, Dolphins, and Chiefs. They look like the team that could be THE TEAM this year. Although they are not a favorite, they should be. They have the best running back left in the playoffs right now in Le’Veon Bell, one of the best receivers, if not the best, in the game in Antonio Brown and a top 5 passer in Ben Roethlisberger. If all are healthy they are one of the best offenses in the league, the defense is suspect and old but has been playing insanely good lately. So if you are the guy that want to pick a team that is on fire choose the Steelers.

If you want the win but can’t root for the Pats

If you want to root for that one guy that roots for a winner and favorite while also rooting for a non-cheating team then pick this team. They have a long standing tradition of winning while also not being an actual favorite; most professional pundits chose this team to lose to the Cowboys before the playoffs started, then they came out and destroyed the Cowboys for most of the game, before being clutch again at the end of the match. The best piece of advice when rooting for this team is to root hard on offense and hope that the defense can do enough to get a stop. Recently the defense has been playing better but not great, the secondary is still a weak piece but has gotten better as they have gotten healthier. The real key for this team is to have both Sam Shields and Damarious Randall healthy as they both compliment each other. The real key to this defense is Micah Hyde who plays overtop and stops the tight end/ running backs in the passing game. The player to watch in the Falcons matchup is Ladarius Green who will most likely have to defend Taylor Gabriel. If you feel confident that this is an offensive league and that three guys can make a defensive backfield, then close the Packers as your team for the next two games.

So there you have a breakdown of who to choose for the rest of the playoffs if you the reader can pick a team and not use this guide you are wrong. This guide will help you choose your team for this playoffs, next year you can go right back on that Cowboys bandwagon until they lose in the Divisional Round again.

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