Ten Things Guaranteed to Happen in Super Bowl 51

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and this year’s matchup is between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons. This article is going to tell you ten things that will happen during Super Bowl 51.

 1. Deflategate will be discussed multiple times.

Deflategate happened two years ago, but since involved a team in the Super Bowl, it will be reviewed. Much of the discussion will be about how it effected the season for the Patriots since quarterback Tom Brady missed the first four games. The coverage will also discuss how the Patriots probably cheated and a new -gate will probably pop up a week after the Super Bowl.

2. The commentators will describe how good Matt Ryan played this year.

With Matt Ryan being the hottest quarterback not named Aaron Rodgers, and a frontrunner for the league MVP, his name is bound to be brought up often in the game. Ryan’s name was on a lot of people’s tongues this last season, as he put on a show with his number one ranked offense, so expect more of the same in the Super Bowl.

3. The Ads will suck.

Every year, the Super Bowl Commercial’s, long acclaimed as some of the best commercials made and debuted every year, are not that anymore. Between the companies dropping the more extended versions before the big game, thus losing the luster of the commercial debut, and the fact that the ads just aren’t that good anymore makes the commercial breaks less appealing to watch. Yes, there will be some commercials that are funny and memorable, but more than likely all the commercials will be forgotten by the next week.

4. This tweet will be brought up the first time Malcolm Butler and Julio Jones match up.

This point is pretty straight forward, Malcolm Butler wanted to face off against Julio Jones when he was a little-known prospect, now he gets the chance. Everyone will talk about it because it was found on Twitter.

5. When the Patriots are ahead late in the game, the commentators will say “It will be awkward for commissioner Goodell to hand the trophy to the Patriots.”

This exact phrase may not be said, but something along the lines of this will happen, maybe a different phrasing but same message.

6. Click-bait articles about Super Bowl history will surface during and after the game.

Many people will write a post with the headline along the lines of “10 things you didn’t know about *insert QB here*.” These articles typically include “unknown facts” like: “Tom Brady is married to a model” or “Matt Ryan is playing in his first Super Bowl.” These articles will blow up on twitter cause naive people will still click on them.

7. The Super Bowl will be an offensive game with many points.

As stated before the Flacons have the best scoring offense in the game, yes the Patriots have the best scoring defense, but that is a product of playing bad teams. The Patriots are the Patriots and will score at will; this game will come down to who runs more, and effectively. The Falcons and Patriots, both have a solid 1-2 punch at running back and great pass catchers. This game will most likely come down to who can score touchdowns in the red zone, and who has the ball last.

8. Many cliches will be said pre-game.

Every Super Bowl preview is the same; it starts describing both teams and saying “QB for x team will be the MVP.” Then is goes on to say that x team has a great offense, and y has a great defense, so something has to give. Usually, it ends with someone saying “Whoever has the ball last will likely win the game,” all these things, and more, will be said during the pre-game for the Super Bowl and it needs to go away. It’s the same thing every year just changing the names of the script.

9. The Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) discussion will begin.

This year will be Brady’s seventh Super Bowl that Brady has played in, having played in the most of any QB of all time. Brady also has many countless other records, that I won’t list, and the pedigree to be considered the best. He also has many scandals against him, and those have been talked about and countered a lot. Montana is a perfect 4-0 in the Super Bowl, and has all the accolades of being the G.O.A.T., even though Brady has more, There is no way to compare both of those quarterbacks can not be compared because they played in two different eras of the sport.

10. The Falcons will win, and everyone will jump on their bandwagon.

Every year the winning team has a bunch of “fans” come out of the woodwork and say that they are “real fans.” Then other people, like me, who were fans but grew away from the team, I was born in Atlanta, and my first sports game was a Falcons game before I moved to Colorado, get pounced on for being a bandwagon fan. Nonetheless, many bandwagon fans will say that they have been fans from the start when, in reality, they just like to see the Patriots lose. Others may like Atlanta only because of the new Migos album, Culture (rap/ hip-hop), is fire.

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