Please Stop This NBA…

James Harden wasn’t the creator of this move, but rather the innovator, the man to make this move famous, the man to ruin offense in the NBA. The move I am referencing is the flop and throw the ball upwards while also jumping forward and getting contact to get to the free throw line.

Here are examples of what I’m talking about and even proof that he does this too much: Don’t get me wrong, I love offense, and however, the players get points and can manipulate the refs to get those points more power to them. Many other professional players do this technique, and it pisses me off so much.

Not only does it effect games on a play by play basis, but also a game by game basis as well. I was watching the NBA Finals Game 5 last night and saw about two minutes of the game Steph Curry did the same thing to get Kevin Love into foul trouble. Curry pump-faked a shot and saw Love leave his feet, then proceeded to lean in and get the foul called on Love, his second of the game.

Then later in the game, with 5:32 left in the game Curry in transition see’s that LeBron is about to foul him and throws up a prayer as he gets fouled, not an actual shot just a “maybe he will call a continuation foul if I put it up.” No continuation called but a foul was called, a quick cut to Curry on the ground crying about how is that not a continuation.

That is another thing that I hate about the NBA, and mostly it’s players, the amount of complaining to the referee’s that happens. Every play someone on the Warrior’s team thinks they deserve a foul call or are worthy of a foul called on them. It is ridiculous how much whining is in the game nowadays; you know the rules, don’t complain when you don’t play by them.

As I am watching this game, I am noticing another weird thing that is happening to the league as a whole, tick tack fouls. I am talking about fouls that are when a player barely gets touched, and their fundamentals of the game (i.e. shot, pass, motion, or movement) are un-effected by the “foul” committed. Every play has a genuine foul that goes uncalled, a grab, pull, push, something that is not fair play. What happens when Steph Curry gets breathed upon, a foul is called, and someone has to go to the bench, the worst part is that the commentators give in and think they are getting fouled.

There are many things that NBA players do that piss fans off to the fullest extent. Between the forcing a foul that wasn’t there like James Harden, to crying for non-existent fouls or even fouls that they know they committed, to even not playing by the rules of the game and getting away with it. All NBA fans can agree, the NBA is becoming soft, and the players are making the game almost impossible to watch. Please NBA, do anything and everything in your power to stop this destruction of the great game and make basketball great again!

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