The NBA Draft is too predictable

The NBA Draft was last night, and something funny happened, everything went as expected, mostly. After the first five picks, no one had any clue the actual names and places, especially the international players, but it mostly went on point. Markelle Fultz went number 1 after the 76ers traded up to the first pick, Lonzo Ball was selected second as everyone knew. But the real drama happens when these players hit the court, the 76ers Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons already started their new feud with these tweets.

Every GM believes they know what they got in the draft, but no one truly knows until the games are played, and even a few years down the road. The one thing we do know is that this class is very talented, Lonzo Ball was one of the best shooters in the country, he was the only player in the last 25 years to attempt 300 field goals and shoot 70 percent on two’s and 40 percent on three’s. Fultz had a great year for a down Washington Husky team; he averaged 23 points on 48 percent shooting and 41 percent shooting from three, very prolific shooting stats.

Even Lavar Ball had his few moments, saying that his youngest son, LiAngelo, isn’t good enough to go to the NBA. He even took a photo with some young fans and as he left threw his hat in the air to a circus of boos. How do we know all this and why is it a headline? Because it is Lavar freaking Ball, who said it. Just like his son’s 500 dollar shoes, the newest pair a Lakers purple and gold colorway that went on preorder the second Lonzo’s name got announced as the Lakers pick, if you are dumb enough to buy into the hype, you are part of the problem.

Even some of the trades were somewhat predictable, Butler going to Minnesota (and Chicago getting fleeced for the second time in as many drafts for the city) was possibly the most shocking, even though this trade almost went down last year. Even other minor deals went down, some pick for pick ones, even a pick trade, and a former good player included, Trey Lyles to Denver in a pick swap. Nothing shocked me as much, however, as the Warriors trading into the draft, by buying a pick from the Bulls. They sent 3.5 million dollars to the Bulls in exchange for the rights to the Pac-12 defensive player of the year Jordan Bell, one of the best shot blockers and low post scorers in the Pac-12 last year. The rich got richer with that trade.

What does all of this have to do with how the NBA Draft is predictable? Well, this could have easily been predicted, and some people even called a lot of what happened, outside of the Jordan Bell trade. The NBA Draft is the same thing every year, the picks we know almost from the start of the college season. The stories are just continuations of the ones from the season. Even the GM’s are not that risky so much of the drama is what can we discover about the past of these prospects. Twitter is the king for that, just google tweets from 2017 NBA draft prospects and have a ball laughing at these guys, then search through your tweets to delete the bad ones because the internet is forever.

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