Big 3 League is a Big Winner

While Lavar Ball dominated this week’s sports headlines on WWE, the NBA Draft, and the NBA awards. There was one league missing on there, the Big3 League, and it deserves way more attention than it is getting.

The Big3 is the half court basketball experiment by sports enthusiast and mogul Ice Cube. The league started earlier this year, and they ever had a draft! Why is this a topic now? Because they had the league’s first games last Sunday, and now that I see the games being played, I have one question:

Not Funding B3.png


This league needs to be more popular, the rules make the game fun, the players are great and have name recognition, and most of all people already play this. When I was watching the first game involving Allen Iverson’s team, 3’s Company, and Rick Barry’s team the Ball Hogs. I looked at the full highlights because complete games aren’t available online yet. I want this league to get big and give us year round basketball.

The league plays during the summer, of course, but the rest of the rules make this league that much better. They play half court games, check up top, have fouls, and even a four-point shot, this is like recess half court pickup but more organized. I loved playing half court, and still, do, but watching these former NBA players makes the games so much better.

I loved watching Allen Iverson when I was younger; he had that ability to pull up from anywhere and even cross any dude up. He was like watching a video game in real life, same with Jason “White Chocolate” Williams who didn’t get to play because of injury. This is another way to get these players who retired but still have the drive to play another chance to play again.

My only problem with this league is the length of the games. They play first to 60 and halftime is first to 30, I understand these guys are old but maybe infuse some young blood in and go a little longer? Obviously, things could change as this is only their test season, but who knows for sure.

This league has the potential to be something great, a competitive league for players that retired but still want to play more than in the Y-League. Another thing this league could turn into something like the summer league, but for older players, or even a league for guys trying to get back into the league. My favorite option, however, is that this league turns into an NBA All-Star weekend event, how cool would that be, especially with the Olympics adding 3v3 basketball for the 2020 games.

Whatever this league can evolve into, and possibly even expand, I sure will watch it. Not only because of the star power, but also the rules that make this game such a great idea. Ice Cube has caused this idea come to fruition flawlessly, now can he continue to make this league great, only time will tell.

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