LeBron did something that Jordan has never done

I have mentioned before, and to almost any sports nut that I meet, that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. I have laid out the case before, but now that the free agency dust has mostly settled, the central theme is this. LeBron is so dominant that everyone thinks they have a better chance of beating the Warriors and going to the finals than besting LeBron in the playoffs, now did Jordan ever do that?

Most people when they heard that news that Paul George, Paul Millsap, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Vince Carter, Danilo Gallinari, Joffrey Lauvergne, Jeff Teague, and everyone but you signed in the west after playing in the east, thought Cleveland already made the finals. Which isn’t un-true because they have LeBron, and they were going to make it anyway, but now the path seems easier. Some other big name players even re-signed and signed in the east, and still, it has never looked so weak.

Who is LeBron going to compete with in the East? Giannis and the Bucks? I don’t think so, they are still super young and is maybe a year away still. What about the Heat, they had a 30-11 record down the stretch last year? Yes, they are good, but who did they beat? They lost to the Pacers, Nuggets, Knicks, and Celtics among others. They also could be good, but they are also young and untested.

The real threat to the King’s reign on the East is the Boston Celtics; they added Jayson Tatum to upgrade their shooting, Gordon Hayward for two way play but lost Avery Bradley. LeBron has made the West seem more conquer-able than the East even with the juggernaut Warriors out there. I mean you can be like Nick Young and instead of playing the Warriors, just join them.

Is Gordon Hayward the LeBron killer? No. No one is, who was close? Avery Bradley, he shut LeBron down, as much as you can shut LeBron down when they play. Has Hayward? No, will he? Ha, that’s funny. That’s like saying that Isiah Thomas will shut LeBron down, it won’t happen.

LeBron cleared his path to the finals by being too dominant, and making everyone think that the easy way is through the Warriors, are they right? Probably not, but it is easier than trying to dismantle the smartest, and best, player, in the league. LeBron runs this league, even without knowingly doing it. Something Jordan has never done but something we will all be talking about when LeBron and the Cavs take on the Warriors and go head to head in the NBA Finals next season.

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