Kaepernick really is being blackballed

So. . . Uh, yeah I was wrong. Colin Kaepernick really is getting blackballed by the NFL, I never wrote an article about it but I personally thought he was not being blackballed, even when Ryan Fitzpatrick got a job, or when Geno Smith did. I was still on the boat that people didn’t think Kaep could play. But after the news recently it is hard to argue that he isn’t being blackballed.

The Baltimore Ravens lost Joe Flacco for 3-6 weeks a few days ago and they signed a new QB yesterday. However it wasn’t Kaepernick, it wasn’t a college free agent, it was a arena football quarterback. Arena. Football. Seriously? The Ravens signed David Olson who played for the KC Phantoms of the Champions Indoor Football League, before that he was at Clemson and Stanford throwing for an astounding minus-1 yard in college, on 1-of-3 passing. Yes you read that right, negative 1 yard.

Are you kidding me? This dude couldn’t even hack it at a D1 college yet he gets a chance to play in the NFL? Kaepernick had played decently well in 12 games last year with over 2200 yards passing and 16 touchdowns, a pretty good line for a backup. Maybe the Ravens didn’t want to give him a chance cause they don’t need a QB after Flacco comes back, but the fact they signed a ARENA FOOTBALL QB is the reason everyone is mad.

Kaepernick is a good player, don’t get me wrong, but he was a very controversial player, just like another former NFL’er that has been blackballed by the league too. Tim Tebow is the player I am talking about, he is a very outspoken Christian but the NFL is keeping him out of the league and forcing him to play baseball.

Honestly, the whole reason that the NFL is blackballing Kaepernick is a simple one. The NFL is really about protecting themselves, which is why their logo is a shield. As one sports commentator put it, the NBA lets it’s players do things like Kaepernick did, because they are about the player as the logo has a player on it. The NFL, on the other hand, does not show players in the logo but rather a shield, something that symbolizes protecting the teams of the league.

I still Kaepernick still gets a job, maybe not a starting job, but a job nonetheless. His penance that he is paying for trying to go against the NFL, is almost up. He will find a job somewhere, somehow and hopefully, take advantage of it and maybe even earns another big contract next season. Who gives him a shot, is really a mystery to me but some teams will get really desperate and need a QB late in the season. Eventually Kaepernick will be a big player in this league and everyone will shut up about how much he deserves another job.

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